Ampo Microsys Co., Ltd is an IT company designed to offer new ways for purchasing IT product and service in Thailand. We provide products and services to customers, arrange for system installation and management, guides customer through technology transitions, and also provide a range of other services. In addition, we offer professional consulting services to help customer’s implements solutions.

Moreover the management team which highly talented and experienced. The Four key individuals complement each other well, combining backgrounds in diverse group of important areas. MIS techniques, Management, Marketing sales and services, Support sales and operation. Together, these strengths cover all of the major aspects of the business with solid experience and a proven record of success at present; we have many reference sites of customers in Thailand.

Our customers include SMEs, enterprises, corporations, manufactures, finance, government, etc. We are closely working together with all of our customers. We are, above all, very customer-focused, committed to solving all our related customer’s need and doing everything we possibly can to keep them satisfied. This approach will insure that we retain a highly satisfied clientele and get referrals.